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Birthday Card for my Sister ♥

Last friday my sister turned 40 and of course that needs to be celebrated with a different card then a normal 6x6" plain cards, so I made her a book card from me, with money in it ♥ In this card I also used the second mosaic butterfly that I  have on my Tim Holtz tag for April.  It just fit perfectly in with everything else. I'm very very pleased with this card, but it's not something I'm gonna make to have in my stash. If someone wants to buy one I can make it on order, but it's to much work and space to just make on random.

Cheap Canvas!

If you like to play around on Canvas but don't feel like you can afford to buy expensive ones just for trying out new techniques and seeing how things look, I would recommend $Dollar Store in Östersund (or anywhere else you can find it). These may not be good quality, and I will absolutely put down some gesso on them as a base first, but they are cheap enough for me not to be worried about ruining it or making big mistakes.

Here I have 1 30x30cm (black), 2 21x30cm (white), 4 20x20cm (2 white and 2 blacks) and 3 12x18cm (white).


Here I only have two sizes, 2 in 40x40cm (white) and 3 40x60cm (1 black and 2 white)

For all 15 canvases I only paid 250 Swedish Kroner. (aprox 30 US$). So instead of getting 4-5 canvases for that price, I got 15. So now I can play and splash all the paint and glue on stash that I want without thinking that I'm wasting money if I'm not pleased with it.

Happy 10th anniversary to my PINK hair!

It's been 10 years since I colored my hair pink for the first time now, 10!!! years!!! Let's hope for another 10 happy pink years ♥ May 2015  

Distress Ink Pad Storage Spinner

This is the first real storage I feel I have made myself! I have decorated many boxes and similar things, but never have I made something out of just cardstock and been so happy with it! It's solid, spins perfectly, doesn't shake or wobble. And best of all, it looks sooooo pretty! I've seen this design so many times before, and I've wanted to make one but never thought I actually would be able to. So that has kinda stopped me, but this time I decided I would try atleast, and just look how well it went! 😀 To get it to spin I used a lazy Susan tray that I got from a friend and cut it out to fit perfectly to my measurements. And I have solid cardboard wrapped in paper on the sides, bottom and on the top to make it more sturdy. All the sides is colored with Distress Ink and stamped with Tim Holtz stamps, then I used a text stencil and medium that I embossed with Lindy's Stamp Gang embossing powder. The top box is a metal container that I just had laying around that I covered in Gesso and painted with Distress Paints and stamped with various of Tim Holtz Stamps. In it I have my Distress Tools and my Distress Paints (for at long as they will fit in there) Here is some more pictures during the making of my Distress Ink Pad Storage Spinner. I will share some video tutorials I used when making this later!

SteinkjerScreppa 2016!

Now it's that time of the year again.... the time to sign up for this years happening, or should I say scrappening? Yeah yeah... cheesy I know. lol. But I love it. 10:00 today I sent an email, and 2min later I got a reply that I had a spot. SOOOO HAPPY!!! They actually got 45 emails in just 2 min. These ladies do love their scrappbooking ♥ ♥ I've been to this Scrappbooking Weekend every year since the first one in 2009. And here is a few flashbacks.  

Oh Deer!

The other day I actually saw a deer on the property next to our house, it's a fenced in old military hangar so it's not really allowed to go in there, but I did anyway to take a photo. Isn't it just so cute? I've also made a card with a deer on it, I really like the die, but need to find a good way of using it without being to masculine or winter-ish. My first try was this. IMG_7483

Senkveld with Thomas and Harald!

Tonight I'm going with my boyfriend and my little sister to see Thomas and Harald live in Kimen! In just 1 hour they are opening the doors!! I wasn't able to buy tickets at first, they were sold out in just a few minutes. But later they announced that they were putting out a few more tickets and I was on it, updating the site every few seconds before it was suppose to come out. And I was lucky, got in and booked 3 tickets on the third row on the floor. 😀 I heard other people who also sat there ready at the clock when they where to be published and still didn't get any, so these tickets flew away FAST! It's even an preshow/warmup before it goes on the air live. This is gonna be fuuuun ♥