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Oh Deer!

The other day I actually saw a deer on the property next to our house, it's a fenced in old military hangar so it's not really allowed to go in there, but I did anyway to take a photo. Isn't it just so cute? I've also made a card with a deer on it, I really like the die, but need to find a good way of using it without being to masculine or winter-ish. My first try was this. IMG_7483

Senkveld with Thomas and Harald!

Tonight I'm going with my boyfriend and my little sister to see Thomas and Harald live in Kimen! In just 1 hour they are opening the doors!! I wasn't able to buy tickets at first, they were sold out in just a few minutes. But later they announced that they were putting out a few more tickets and I was on it, updating the site every few seconds before it was suppose to come out. And I was lucky, got in and booked 3 tickets on the third row on the floor. 😀 I heard other people who also sat there ready at the clock when they where to be published and still didn't get any, so these tickets flew away FAST! It's even an preshow/warmup before it goes on the air live. This is gonna be fuuuun ♥

Think Pink <3

Sometimes you can get stuck just watching pretty images on Pinterest, you just scroll down image after image without any sort of purpose at all. You just look to look at something pretty and beautiful. You can look at anything really, but sometimes I end up just looking for pink... pink EVERYTHING. And it makes me dreams, gives me inspiration and make me think of all the things inside my cute little head. I love pink, I love everything pink! I don't think anything can look ugly when it's colored pink!! It's just such a lovely color filled with joy and happiness. I used to hate pink... really hate it. If you told me then that I would have pink hair and love pink when I grew up I might have punched you in the face and called you an idiot! But now, now I love the color in all it's shapes and glory. Here is some of my pink inspiration!! 01 02 03 04 05 Think Pink and have a lovely day! Hugz'n Kisses Maria Moonrise

#Yolo #Swag!

yoloswagI found this amasing hat when I was at the mall today, I just had to put it on and take a photo. Also saw all this other yolo swag stash and fell in love. Wish I could buy it all, but saving my money for the UK trip. This so reminded me of my gaming community, Going Postal FTW!!