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Adventure in Omis, Croatia!

Now me and my love is going to Omis for 2 days filled with adventure and thrilling fun, and maybe some romance aswell. Sometimes it's good to do something with just your boyfriend aswell, do something together that you both will enjoy and have fun with, and this is gonna be two crazy days. I'm terrified, excited and nervous at the same time, I'm not sure what I've gotten myself into, but I will survive and I will remember it forever! ZIP-LINE-OMIS-DETAILS Today we are going for a Zipline trip, 8 wires, total of 2,1km, highest one is 150m above the ground. This is gonna be soooo FUN!!  We're going with the company Zipline Croatia, and it costs about 400kuna per person, so not to bad really. I'm not really sure how high up 150m is... but I did take a pretty high one in China down from the Great Wall of China. So how bad can it be? Lets wait and see if I have any more voice left after this! IIIKKKK!!! canyoning1vAnd tomorrow we are going on an Advanced Canyoning trip that lasts for about 6hours. I've never done any form of Canyoning before, but the advanced package lasted longer then the normal canyoning trip so that's why I took it. The company that does this is Adventure Omis and it costs about 450kuna, so still not bad at all. This one I'm a bit more afraid of. Since I've never tried anything even close to this I have no clue what to expect and even though I love going swimming I can't help but think about what lives in the water below me. This is gonna be a hell of an experience, and even my boyfriend told me that he didn't really think I knew what I was throwing us into. Hehe. But we WILL survive, even if I cry and scream I will have to finish it, and trust me I WILL!! And stronger for it!! Wish me luck! Hugz'n Kisses Maria Moonrise

Stari Grad, Croatia here I come!

Summer, sun and swimming here I come!! I can't wait to spend my vacation with my family in my parents summerhouse in Croatia, it's gonna be amazing, fun and just relaxing being away from home for a bit. I really need this! The dog is sent to the kennel to spend some time with other dogs, and he will be just fine there, he enjoys it I tell you!! I'm even celebrating my birthday down there, I hope that will be fun as well. Can't wait to see this beautiful little town again, eat at Pinetta and Jurin Podrum, dance in the clear blue water, and shop of course. Will also have a little photo shot with Emily to get some new pictures of her for my wall! Enjoy your summer, I will absolutely enjoy mine! 1301863683 Hugz'n Kisses Maria Moonrise