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Kvikk Lunsj Cards

I'm trying to make a lot of different "cards" and paper stuff so I can try and sell some, and here are 3 more Kvikk Lunsj Cards I've recently made. Really love how easy these cards are to make, and they look so good. The tutorials on these cards is HERE

More Stamped Images.

Just a few more stamped images I have colored with my ProMarkers lately. I need to actually start using these on the cards I make, not just color them and have them in a little box to lay there and look pretty. I think I just have a problem letting go of things I'm really happy with, and things I feel I actually did pretty good.

My Easter Creations!

When I go away for easter vacation I always gotta bring some kinds of creativity stash with me, and normaly it ends up beeing my ProMarkers and some already stamped images. That way I can color while Emily does so aswell. And sometimes she gets some images from me and playes around with. I only colored two stamps myself this easter, but that means I had to much fun with other stuff to have time for more. IMG_7995Tried to do ginger hair this time, need something else then just blond or crazy colors. Kinda pleased, but maybe they're a bit TO neon orange though. But I still really like them. And I love the lady in the dress, she's so beautiful and careless <3 In the car on the way I also needed something to do, and since I had just bought a new phone, that also meant I had a new charger cable. And of course in my world I can't have that just be plain white. So I got some neon multicolored thread and did some macrame around it. Now everyone will know that is MY cable and It won't get lost so easily. I love it. IMG_7991 Another thing that is nice about decorating my cable is that now it won't bend as easily so it won't break off either.

12 Tags of 2016 – April

OMG it's been soooo long since I posted anything here now, and I got SOOOO much to show you guys!! But I will start with my April tag for "12 Tags of 2016" at Tim Holtz ! I'm really pleased with this one. IMG_8020 One of the Techniques this time was Faux Mosaic... not one of my favorites, and not sure if I will do this anytime soon again. I made to of the butterflies, ended up using just one for tags, and the other one I will show you later. The background Techniques is Paint Resist, do not feel like I got it like I wanted it... but I made it!  

12 Tags of 2016 – March

It's March and time for a new tag from Tim Holtz Challenge. And this time it's Textured Surfaces and Dimensional Dies it's all about. It wasn't easy since in the Textured Surfaces he used cardboard and dies... and since the only dies I had that could cut in the middle of a tag was the lady and the thread roll from Tim Holtz Sewing Room set that was the first one I made, and also the one I'm most happy with. But I figured I would try it with two other ones aswell, with the hears I first made a diecut of the heart and then cut it out with a stencil on the tag, on the other one I used Tim Holtz Gadget Gears, and as you can see it's not set up to fit perfectly on a tag, so it was a bit off. Butt still got the look I wanted. To make the tags I used the Tag and Bookplate die, it's the same size as the #8 Manilla Tag. This is my first and my favorite tag! IMG_7734 I also used Gelatos on the colorful parts, and Dylusion to color the ribbon. The "believe" metal I found on ebay. Here is all the tags and detailed pictures of all of them.

12 Tags of 2016 – February

This month the techniques are Mono printing and Embossed Paste! I've looked at them both before, tried the mono printing but never actually got it to my liking. But hey, if you first don't succeed... Embossed Paste I've only looked at, and liked, but never tried. So that's a new one. The mono printing I've done before was with Distress Stains and Distress Paint, I think the fact that they are too fluid made it squish out more then I liked, but this time I did as he did and used the Distress Inks and then misted them with a bit of water and it worked perfectly. SOOOO pleased! And the Embossed Paste was actually pretty easy, just takes some patience since you have to wait for the medium/paste to dry before you actually use your heat tool on the embossing. But when it was done it looked amazing. IMG_7570_2 And of course since I liked it so much I made 2 tags and 2 cards with the same technique. If I like something I can't just try it one time. 😀 Tim Holtz used more brown-ish colors on most of his projects, but since I like strong bold colors I went for some really colorful creations this time! Check them out and let me know what you think!

12 Tags of 2016 – January

This is gonna be my year of creativity! I've already made a bunch of tags and cards, and I'm gonna show you them in future posts.

Also gonna try to be way more active with showing off my stuff here on the blog, and that will also be updated a bit from here on out... i hope!

So about the title, "12 Tags of 2016". Tim Holtz have this thing where he makes 12 tags during the year, one each month, and you can link your tag on his site and he picks out some winners every month. So I decided to join up, forces me to be a bit more creative and try new techniques here and there.

So this is my tag: IMG_7341