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Prima Watercolors!

I dropped by Panduro in Östersund the other day, and I totaly fell in love with Primas Tropical Watercolor set they just got in.
I didnt buy it... i was so annoyed with myself afterwards, but I also felt like I shouldt use that much money...259SeK.
The day after me and my boyfriend went back to Östersund yesterday and I ended up getting it. And ofcours I had to try it right away. And oh my how pretty the colors are. 💛💚💙💜❤️🖤

I also bought a watercolour PAD from Cosmo Cricket to try them out with. Beautiful 💞
I love to finaly have the watercolor pallett I actually like.
These colors are so pretty, and easy to work with. I just noticed I need some good waterbrushes that will make it easier to have the paint flowing nicely.
Here is my first test sheet. And it so cute with the resist fields in white and gold on the paper.

Chameleon Markers

From the first time I heard about Chameleon Markers I've been sceptical and really not felt like it was something for me. To much hassle, difficult to use and don't have the patience for it.
But now last week I figured I wanted to try it anyway. Just because. If I didnt like it I could just sell then again.
So ended up buying two packs of 5.

I just got them today so just had one try at them so far, but was not as hard as I thought it would be... or I was just lucky on my first try.
This is my first attempt

A bit uneven, but I do like the effect a lot.
Gonna be fun to experience more with this. Wish me luck. 💞

Experimenting with Maskingfluid

I saw a few vidoes on Instragram by the user Pigmentology and saw he was playing around with paint and maskingfluid, so I decided to try it out. Got some Masking Fluid at my work (you can also buy it at out online store in the link)
It was kinda thick, so I wanted to try and water it down a bit aswell. It worked well, but had to wait longer for it to dry before painting.
Maskingfluid was fun to work with, will try out more later and see if I can do even more cool effects with it in layers.

Here I used a stencil to apply maskinfluid in small circles. As you see they didn't get as even as I wanted to, but it's one of my first tries so not to shabby.

On this one I put down a butterfly and applied maskingfluid on the outside, brushstrokes from the butterfly and outwards. Really liked the effect when I put out a diecut on top of the butterfly aswell. SImple effect but does a lot to the card.

Here I just applied maskingfluid in a circle in the middle to be able to make the moon after. It was easy and I really liked it.

Distress Ink Pad Storage Spinner

This is the first real storage I feel I have made myself! I have decorated many boxes and similar things, but never have I made something out of just cardstock and been so happy with it! It's solid, spins perfectly, doesn't shake or wobble. And best of all, it looks sooooo pretty! I've seen this design so many times before, and I've wanted to make one but never thought I actually would be able to. So that has kinda stopped me, but this time I decided I would try atleast, and just look how well it went! 😀 To get it to spin I used a lazy Susan tray that I got from a friend and cut it out to fit perfectly to my measurements. And I have solid cardboard wrapped in paper on the sides, bottom and on the top to make it more sturdy. All the sides is colored with Distress Ink and stamped with Tim Holtz stamps, then I used a text stencil and medium that I embossed with Lindy's Stamp Gang embossing powder. The top box is a metal container that I just had laying around that I covered in Gesso and painted with Distress Paints and stamped with various of Tim Holtz Stamps. In it I have my Distress Tools and my Distress Paints (for at long as they will fit in there) Here is some more pictures during the making of my Distress Ink Pad Storage Spinner. I will share some video tutorials I used when making this later!

Finnabair stil – Mommy and Me.

For en stund siden begynte jeg å ekperimentere med stilen til Finnabair, skikkelig steampunk. Den ble en del mørkere enn de hun lager, å jeg tenker i ettertid at den kunne kanskje vært litt lysere... ettersom bildet da ville kommet bedre fram. Men, jeg ble veldig fornøyd med det, SPESIELT siden det var mitt første forsøk å jeg har aldri vært på kurs eller sett noen videoer på you-tube. [Not a valid template]    


Jeg elsker stilen til Made By Mija og Tworzysko Finnabair. Mija bruker mere lyse og klare farger, mens Finnabair er litt mere steampunk grønn/brun/bronse stil. Det jeg elsker mest med dem er den 3d effekten di har på sine kreasjoner. Å jeg har prøvd litt, men aldri følt jeg har fått det til. Men på et innlegg på var det litt forklaringer til hva de brukte osv. Litt hvordan di bare knæsjer på med diverse. Jeg hadde i skuffa her noen bomkjøp som jeg aldri har brukt; Det ene er Modeling Acrylics, mens den andre er Bindex, Acrylic Binder. Begge er fra merket Pebeo Studi og kjøp på Ciro.

Så jeg brukte et lilla restepapir og satte igang.

Først limte jeg på litt restestæsj under; litt bølge papp, malings teip, magic mesh og en "billett". Slik at jeg fikk litt 3D underlag for å faktisk få litt effekt. Jeg sprayet så med masse forskjellige glimmer mist og brukte varmepistolen for å slippe å vente i evigheter på at det skulle tørke. Det eneste negative med det var at begge produktene boblet seg noe fryktelig, så fikk ingen glatte overflater. Den til venstre er brukt Modeling på, mens den til høyre er det brukt Bindex på.

Her er nærbilder av dem så dere kan se forskjellen enda bedre. Den første er med Modeling.

Den andre her er med Bindex.

Jeg gjorde absolutt ingenting med papiret før jeg limte på alt stæsjet, så tror det kan være en av grunnene til at Bindex'en ble så lys også. Samt man får ikke helt det samme uttrykket. Bindex'en er også gjennomsiktig, mens Modeling'en er hvit, så det er også en grunn til at den ble mørkere. Jeg måtte bruke mange runder med spray da, fordi den ville ikke sitte så veldig godt.. neste gang tror jeg at jeg kanskje skal distresse litt over dem først, slik at jeg kanskje slipper like mange runder med spray, eventuelt også prøve med flytende ink. Men synes uansett det ble ganske bra, så nå vet jeg i alle fall hvordan jeg skal få litt mere 3d effekt, samt få til en skikkelig steampunk LO. 😀

Gleder meg til å få prøvd ut dette på en LO, å skal få lagt ut den så fort jeg får gjort det.

Å nå vet jeg i alle fall at jeg kan få brukt noe som jeg tidligere bare tenkte å kaste ut. Hehe.