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Tim Holtz App!

Yeah I know I'm really really late, but I just found out there actually is a Tim Holtz app!!?!!? I downloaded it the other day and it's so brilliant, you can get access to his twitter and blog right from the app, but also you can see all the products he has. And the best of all, you can make a inventory of all the stuff you have, so if you find yourself shopping for Tim Holtz Products you can just take your phone from your pocket and check what colors you have or not, that way you don't have to go through all your stuff everytime you're going to buy something new, or don't have to buy doubles if your not sure if you have a color or not. You can also make your own wishlist over products you want. This isn't just for his Distress Inks, paints and colors.... but for dies, stencils and tools aswell. It's brilliant, it's free for both Android and AppStore and saves your from buying things you don't need... and then you can use your money on the other Tim Holtz stuff you absolutely DO need! Check out this video introduction for the app.  

Paper Mugs Video Tutorial

Here is the video tutorial from Traci at Stampin Up on how to make the mugs I showed you 2 days ago. I feel like their more steady and robust then the ones I found on Scrappesykens youtube channel because they don't have the built-up "foot" underneath it. (Though that one is also really pretty) This video is easy, and you get the measurement as the video goes, you can just pause and write them down to make it easier to have when you make more of them. Links: Get Creative with Traci Traci Cornelius YouTube

Kvikk Lunsj Cards.

I've been more into looking at tutorials lately to see if I can do something different, and I've actually done a lot of stuff from tutorials lately. The other day I came over this one on FB and it was to easy to not do it. Just look at the video and you will jump on it aswell. The tutorial is from Hanne at Hannes Scrapperier. Since you could make 4 cards from one piece of Bazzil I made them all at once. It's nice to have something else then just normal cards laying around, and these are perfect for birthdays, just add a Kvikk Lunsj and some money in there with it and you're ready to go. I used a magnet in all of them so it doesn't open up, but now I'm all out so can't make any more until the lot I ordered on ebay comes.

Harlequin Card

A while back I was looking around for inspiration on instagram and came over this really beautiful art-journal page by Emma Tidesley Art, harlequin pattern and a bit rock'n roll edgy style. Followed her link to her website and in there I actually found a tutorial on how she made her page, so I decided to watch it. IMG_7595 It looked easy enough, but it was just that since I didn't have a harlequin background I had to make it. But with Tim Holtz Harlequin stensil and Distress Ink "Black Soot" and "Picked Raspberry" I made my own quick and easy. Other things I used was watercolor paper, embossing powder, a few different stamps, my heating gun, cheese cloth, bazzil and my ink blending tools. After doing this I actually went on ebay to buy some more cheese cloths, cause I liked the look it gave my card without overpowering it. Can't wait to get it.

Jenna Marbles – Girl Crushes

I love Jenna Marbles, she's awesome. In her videos she tells the truth as she sees them, nothing bullshit about what's wright or wrong by the society. She's honest, but at the same time she accepts that other people have different opinions. I love this video of her about girl-crushes, she's soooo true. All girls have had them... even if they say they have not. And it doesn't mean that you are gay. Don't know why this post was written in english... but it just was. Don't get used to it. LOL!

Check out her YouTube channel here!


Skulle ønske jeg var sterk nok..

Skulle ønske det var så enkelt for meg å, klarer ikke se denne videoen uten å få tårer i øynene. Skulle ønske jeg var sterk nok...