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Happy Mothersday ❤

Happy Mothersday to my mom and to all other moms.
I made a card and wrapped a little gift for my mom this year, I normally hate wrapping gifts. But I had this awesome wrapping-paper from a gift my sister gave me, and with that it was easy peasy. Here are closeup of the cards outside and inside.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dads 61st birthday! Thank you for always beeing there and for beeing a great dad! Hope you're enjoying your day and remember to eat some cake ♥ Happy Birthday dad! I made a card from me, and I also made a card from my mom. Here are the two cards I made.

From me to my dad.


The card I made from my mom!

A birthday card for my favorite Swedish person!

Today this beautiful girl is turning 4!!! In this photo she is just a few months old, 5 months and 11 days to be correct! I wish you all the best and I can't wait to see you this summer, and so does Emily ♥ Also made her a card I sent her in the mail, was the first time I used my new media dies from Tim Holtz actually. IMG_7558

Birthday Card

Last September I made this card for my little sisters birthday, was rly a quick card to make and an easy coloring job on the stamp. I do love these stamp though, so cute and innocent, and you can use them for anything. I know it's kinda old to show it off now, but I got a lot of stuff that I haven't showed off... so it probably will be more. DSC_0046  

Butterflies Butterflies… everywhere it’s butterflies!

For Emily's birthday party (that she celebrated with 2 of the girls in her class) I had to decorate. It's kinda the only time you get to take it all out there, cus you rarely do that for yourself. So I found so much different inspiration on Pinterest, but one of my favorites where butterflies that hung from a wooden stick on the wall... really pretty and girly. But since I didn't have any place to put them I taped them to the top and bottom of my mirror instead, giving them a bit more depth aswell. I used a big butterfly die from QuicKutz (if I don't remember wrong), one of those on a 4x4" die. It's a two part one aswell, the butterfly without details is on one, then the detailed one on the other. I used different left over paper and then tied it all together with the black details. I really love them and will keep them for next year aswell. This is how it ended up looking. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Hugz'n Kisses Maria Moonrise

Hoppe i senga!

Måtte bare ta noen bilder av Emily med det nye kameraet mitt, er litt sånn snedig at når man får noe nytt så MÅ man bare leke med det med en gang. Tihi. Emily hoppet å danset i senga vår, til Gangam Style og I Like to Move It!

Sebastian 9år! – Kort

I oktober i fjor fylte tantebarnet mitt Sebastian 9år, å så klart måtte jeg jo lage kort til han. Å da lagde jeg også et kort for søstern min. Så her er kortene.

Det første kortet!

Her har jeg faktisk brukt en knust cd-plate for å ha under navnet hans, jeg synes det ble utrolig kult. Det lagde kortet ganske mye røffere. Ellers er det brukt mye dylusion spray og dylusion stensiler.

Inni kortet er det også brukt dylusion stempler, pluss Tim Holtz tekst stempler.  

Det andre kortet!

Dette er ganske mye enklere, men det er også bygd opp med dylusion spray og stensiler. Samt Tim Holtz Stempel på tallene.

Inni har jeg gjort det veldig enkelt ved bare å lagt på et hvitt felt for skriving, og tegnet en ramme rundt for at det ikke skal bli så kjedelig.