Me and my weight!

2 years ago I decided that enough is enough, I can't go on like this anymore. I was way way overweight, I wasn't happy and I was NOT healthy. I had talked to my doctor about getting a gastric bypass, and I got a place on the waiting list. But I wasn't big ENOUGH so I wasn't a priority. So what was I going to do.. some people online said that I should eat myself bigger, yes, eat myself bigger... that's what they said. Because then I could get my BMI higher and then get into a shorter que. But no... not just no, i said HELL NO! I was not gonna eat like a pig just to get in a shorter que. I didn't wanna be like this anymore. I didn't want to be fat and overweight anymore, I didn't want to buy clothes JUST because they fit. I wanted to buy pretty clothes I liked, and that they fitted med wouldn't be an issue or even a question. And now, 2 years later, after a lot of help from family, friends, Spenst Stjørdal and Frisklivssentralen Stjørdal I'm over 50kg lighter, and I'm happy with who I am... I use clothes in sizes small/medium and I can buy clothes I like and don't have to worry about finding the right size all the time. It's an amassing feeling, I'm proud of myself and I like myself so much more then I did. I'm not ashamed so go to the swimming-pool or to do what I love. The local newspaper where I live also wrote and article about me together with and article about Frisklivssentralen. I was so nervous at first, because to see my before picture in a newspaper is kinda scary, but also it made me feel prouder of what I had accomplished. The paper is in Norwegian, but if you want to read it its HERE!! And after I lost all the weight, and got my extra skin removed I'm not afraid to show my belly in photos either 😀 So here you go. Maybe if I get really brave I will show you my before picture on my belly... but I have to think about that for a little bit. ♥ IMG_20141204_130227

3 Responses to Me and my weight!

  1. Siv says:

    Har sagt det før, sier det igjen. Jeg er imponert! Du har gjort en fantastisk innsats 😀
    God klem <3

  2. Linda says:

    You’re really a role model for people who are fighting with weight loss, you show that it is possible without surgery if you just work hard enough.

    Keep it up, you look amazing!

  3. Hannah Rise says:

    Hei Maria 🙂
    Kjempe kjempe bra jobba , du er flink!
    Du er en fighter!!:) Og fortsatt like fin 😀

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