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This blog is at times way way to quiet, and I do wanna use it... but I just can't figure out HOW I want to use it. Sometimes I think I will start blogging more about games, then nah... what about my personal life..? Nah, it's not THAT interesting for people, I don't really do that much. Then I think what about my work-outs and climbing? But I don't know enough for it to be helpful for anyone else... so who would bother reading it... And my new thought goes back to how I started the blog in the first place... to be my creative outlet. So I'm gonna try to do atleast one art/creative project everyday, how ever small or useless it is I will get to be a little bit creative in one way or another. If it is digital or real-life physical art will differ in how I feel... it might be new creative photo-apps, a painting or just regular cards and albums I'm working on. This is some of my new stuff:

Some easy simple but still stylish birthday cards I made.


To make scrappbooking easier I make LayOut-Kits, this time I made 15 of them.


I knittet a headband for Emily a while back... or really it was for myself, but she stole it. ♥


A LO with pictures of myself as Pinkie Pie on Halloween! The kids at my daughters school loved it. ♥


Thank you cards with chocolate inside them for my daughters teachers as a little appriciation gift from the class.

              I will still blog about other stuff aswell ♥

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