30….or just 21 (for the 10th time)

OMG!! It's the BIG 3 0!! I'm not sure I'm totally ok with this, not sure I'm willing to take this step into the 30's... if it was the 1930's I might... but MY 30's?!?! Really unsure about that one!! I don't feel 30 though, I feel like me. Am I suppose to suddenly feel anything else just because I'm not "on the paper" in my 20's anymore? I will be 21 till the day I die! I'll be sitting there in my 80's with my rainbow-colored hair telling everyone I'm just 21, and they better damn well believe me (or at least pretend).
My Hair at 80!!!

My Hair at 80!!!

I guess I don't have a choice being 30 on paper, but I refuse to turn 30 in my head. And thank god I have a daughter who lets me be as childish and crazy as her (she's 7), or maybe more childish and unstable as her aswell... but that is fine, cus she sure as hell will put me in my place if need be! Now wish me a happy birthday and I'm gonna get drunk tonight! 1898750_968949819833379_5102583519481615824_oOf-course-I-know-everything,-I-m-30-T-skjorter Hugs'n Kisses Maria Moonrise

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