Experimenting with Maskingfluid

I saw a few vidoes on Instragram by the user Pigmentology and saw he was playing around with paint and maskingfluid, so I decided to try it out. Got some Masking Fluid at my work MonaLiza.no (you can also buy it at out online store in the link)
It was kinda thick, so I wanted to try and water it down a bit aswell. It worked well, but had to wait longer for it to dry before painting.
Maskingfluid was fun to work with, will try out more later and see if I can do even more cool effects with it in layers.

Here I used a stencil to apply maskinfluid in small circles. As you see they didn't get as even as I wanted to, but it's one of my first tries so not to shabby.

On this one I put down a butterfly and applied maskingfluid on the outside, brushstrokes from the butterfly and outwards. Really liked the effect when I put out a diecut on top of the butterfly aswell. SImple effect but does a lot to the card.

Here I just applied maskingfluid in a circle in the middle to be able to make the moon after. It was easy and I really liked it.

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