Erle Emily!

DSC_0190 This is my little Bratty Princess!! Her name is Erle Emily, she is 8years and she's a crazy wild and funny girl who cares about the people around her and how other people are feeling. She gets sad if her family/friends is sad, and she's happy if other people is happy. She is the kinda person who will tell you she loves you for no reason at all and then just go back to what she is doing and don't give it another thought. There is something special about a kid telling you they love you, it's so innocent and real that you can't help but smile, and If I have a bad day she comes up to me, tells me she loves me and that I'm the best mom ever and she gives me a big hug. NOTHING can beat that feeling, NOTHING! But she can't be perfect all the time, and she thinks she can get away with anything because she knows how to charm people. She doesn't always listen, she gets mad if she doesn't get her way sometimes. She rarely takes no as a no, so she asks for things a million times, until we sometimes gets mad. She's also a wicked good climber, not afraid of anything and is willing to take chances and try new things. Climbing have become our nr 1 family activity to do together. I love her unconditionally and I always will, that is just how it is to be a mom and I wouldn't want it any other way! Untitled-1 10013162_10153974897735514_678048467_n fil_001 011 IMG_3734

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