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Cute little set

When you're going to a birthday party you gotta bring a gift, and what is better then a homemade one. And even better, something that is actually useful as well.  So when my friend Alexandra had a birthday back in November I made her this. The box is made from the ground with basic carstock and holds small napkins, matches and small candles. Also I decorated a glass to have the candles in, and she got a coupon-book with some small fun things we can do together. Here is some more photos of it. I made one for another friend of mine aswell, I will show you later. But I forgot to take a photo before I gave it to her so will have to wait ♥

Batch from 2015

Sometimes I make cards but I forget to show them off, so here are my last batch of cards from 2015.

Birthday Card

Last September I made this card for my little sisters birthday, was rly a quick card to make and an easy coloring job on the stamp. I do love these stamp though, so cute and innocent, and you can use them for anything. I know it's kinda old to show it off now, but I got a lot of stuff that I haven't showed off... so it probably will be more. DSC_0046  

Beer gift!

For my boyfriends birthday last year, in November, I made him the best gift ever. Got him a few different type of a beer called Brewdog, and then decorated a bottle holder to have them in. He loved it. (BTW, the photo of the beer bottles is just an illustration of the beer) beer I bought the bottle holder at the liquor store.