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Paint and plastic!

A lot of instagram videos I've looked at is about people painting/using markers on plastic and then smudging that on paper, it looks sooo easy and it seems like it always turnes out beautiful.
I didn't have the same experience! It turned out beautiful sometimes, horrible other times. It just didn't wanna blend good with some colours, and some paint dried to fast for it to look good. While others really just dissapeard and you almost couldnt see it.
Though I did end up with these 5 cards that I really really really loved, just a tiny stamp and some small detailes in the corners and a simple frame around and they were done. On the cards that have a black base I have a white piece of paper inside so it's easy to write a few words for whoever is getting it.
All of these cards are also for sale at the store where I work MonaLiza.


These easy and simple bucketcards are so decorative and different from the normal 6x6" cards I make usually. It's good to switched it up now and then so I don't get to stuck in the same old patterns.
I got the tutorial from Torill aka Screppa at a scrappbooking gathering a while back, and they are so easy I have now folded a lot of them just laying around so I can decorate at any time.
Here are some photos of my two bucketcards I made here last week. Very different, but I like them just the same. Both are at MonaLiza for sale.

Experimenting with Maskingfluid

I saw a few vidoes on Instragram by the user Pigmentology and saw he was playing around with paint and maskingfluid, so I decided to try it out. Got some Masking Fluid at my work MonaLiza.no (you can also buy it at out online store in the link)
It was kinda thick, so I wanted to try and water it down a bit aswell. It worked well, but had to wait longer for it to dry before painting.
Maskingfluid was fun to work with, will try out more later and see if I can do even more cool effects with it in layers.

Here I used a stencil to apply maskinfluid in small circles. As you see they didn't get as even as I wanted to, but it's one of my first tries so not to shabby.

On this one I put down a butterfly and applied maskingfluid on the outside, brushstrokes from the butterfly and outwards. Really liked the effect when I put out a diecut on top of the butterfly aswell. SImple effect but does a lot to the card.

Here I just applied maskingfluid in a circle in the middle to be able to make the moon after. It was easy and I really liked it.

More cards!

Here is a few more cards i've made this week.  The first two is kvikk-lunch cards. (KitKat fits in it aswell). I finaly got to use the to feet I stamped up years ago. So cute. The other is made just to have an example to show where I sell them.  Here I also got to use the feet stamp. And on the background here I played with some maskinfluid. Was fun, but will have ti experiment more with that.  On this one I have finaly tried out the alcohol ink paper from Tim Holtz. And that was really fun. The stamp and die is also from Tim Holtz. 

Happy Valentinesday!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! And what a good one it turned out to be... or as good as it can when your boyfriend is out of town. He bought and got delivered flowers to me at work, soooo supriced. Totaly unexpected and made my day <3 So even though I was gonna make him feel guilty about beeing away on valentines it's ok. Cause I got beautiful flowers!!!
I love you so much!!

I made him a chocolate card and a card on the side, with tetirs pattern. Just cause he's an old gamer at heart <3 And I hid it ina plasticbag in his backpack this morning before I drove him to the airport. LOL :p

"Ready for Valentine <3 (Shh... it's a secret)!"

Happy Mothersday ❤

Happy Mothersday to my mom and to all other moms.
I made a card and wrapped a little gift for my mom this year, I normally hate wrapping gifts. But I had this awesome wrapping-paper from a gift my sister gave me, and with that it was easy peasy. Here are closeup of the cards outside and inside.

SteinkjerScrepp{a} 2017!

Today the sign-up for SteinkjerScrepp{a} 2017 was opened and again I'm sitting her nervous about getting a spot or not... I have never not gotten a spot since I send in my mail at 10 o'clock precisely... but you never know. And also earlier you could come just one of the three days aswell, not you HAVE to book for the entire weekend. So might be more difficult to get a spot.
But keeping my mind positiv and looking forward to a weekend away with wonderful women, a lot of creativity and inspiration and a refil of scrappbooking energy.
Although I need to go ahead and order some photo printed and make my LO-kits readdy for this year, I have actually used up most of the ones I made last time... and that was A LOT!   Just check them out HERE!!