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Happy Mothersday ❤

Happy Mothersday to my mom and to all other moms.
I made a card and wrapped a little gift for my mom this year, I normally hate wrapping gifts. But I had this awesome wrapping-paper from a gift my sister gave me, and with that it was easy peasy. Here are closeup of the cards outside and inside.

Kvikk Lunsj Cards

I'm trying to make a lot of different "cards" and paper stuff so I can try and sell some, and here are 3 more Kvikk Lunsj Cards I've recently made. Really love how easy these cards are to make, and they look so good. The tutorials on these cards is HERE

Late Birthdaygift

Made this beautiful album and easter egg for my best friend and Emily's "aunt" Erle. She deserves something special and handmade from the heart. ♥ We have known each other since we were born, neighbors forever and went to the same class for 9 years. Always fun, weird and up for anything. Creative and awesome!
Love you sweetie ♥

Love you sweetie ♥

Here is some more pictures of the gift.

Cute little set

When you're going to a birthday party you gotta bring a gift, and what is better then a homemade one. And even better, something that is actually useful as well.  So when my friend Alexandra had a birthday back in November I made her this. The box is made from the ground with basic carstock and holds small napkins, matches and small candles. Also I decorated a glass to have the candles in, and she got a coupon-book with some small fun things we can do together. Here is some more photos of it. I made one for another friend of mine aswell, I will show you later. But I forgot to take a photo before I gave it to her so will have to wait ♥

Beer gift!

For my boyfriends birthday last year, in November, I made him the best gift ever. Got him a few different type of a beer called Brewdog, and then decorated a bottle holder to have them in. He loved it. (BTW, the photo of the beer bottles is just an illustration of the beer) beer I bought the bottle holder at the liquor store.