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SteinkjerScrepp{a} 2017!

Today the sign-up for SteinkjerScrepp{a} 2017 was opened and again I'm sitting her nervous about getting a spot or not... I have never not gotten a spot since I send in my mail at 10 o'clock precisely... but you never know. And also earlier you could come just one of the three days aswell, not you HAVE to book for the entire weekend. So might be more difficult to get a spot.
But keeping my mind positiv and looking forward to a weekend away with wonderful women, a lot of creativity and inspiration and a refil of scrappbooking energy.
Although I need to go ahead and order some photo printed and make my LO-kits readdy for this year, I have actually used up most of the ones I made last time... and that was A LOT!   Just check them out HERE!!


Today I've made 24 Lo-kits for SteinkjerScreppa 2016!! Different colors, themes, styles and everything. Some are very detailed and has a lot of stash in them, other are simple and might need some more stuff when I start working on them. But all on all they are great and I know I have many hours of creative goodness in front of me. Of cours I'm still bringing some more pictures that I want to scrap, because suddenly I get all inspired and just have to try something else. You never know when you're in a room with 60 other creative ladies for a weekend. IMG_7976 IMG_7980 IMG_7984 I already had 24 from before as well, so now I have MORE then enough to dig into at SteinkjerScreppa. I really need to start doing more LO's at home too, since I mostly do cards at home. Can't wait to show of all the finished LO's I will have after my scrapbook weekend ♥