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New Stuff!

For Christmas I finally got the Sizzix Big Shot I've been wanting for months, my boyfriend totally supriced me. I was so sure I wasn't going to get it, so it was in my shopping cart at Bikuben.com ready to be bought after Christmas. Soo soo soooo happy about it!! It's been used a lot, and it's so much better then the Epic Six I've had for years and years!
But ofcours since I had saved up a lot of money to buy scrapbooking supplies for I couldn't stop there, I ended up buying a lot of other stuff from Bikuben instead; dies, crayons, paper, stamps, embossing folders, sizzix magnetic platform and so much more that I've had soooo much fun with this last few weeks.

I also got two small bags of cute charms on my huge huge order! That was so thoughtful and sweet. Always such good customer service there. It never fails and I always get help if something is broken, and they answer really quick if I ask something.
I also got these stamps from Tim Holtz that I absolutely love, gonna try to use these on fabric as well for my mom. Not sure what stamp-pad to use yet, but I will have to check!

Also my dad got me this old catalog from the 40's, so cute. Can't wait to play with it.


Today I've made 24 Lo-kits for SteinkjerScreppa 2016!! Different colors, themes, styles and everything. Some are very detailed and has a lot of stash in them, other are simple and might need some more stuff when I start working on them. But all on all they are great and I know I have many hours of creative goodness in front of me. Of cours I'm still bringing some more pictures that I want to scrap, because suddenly I get all inspired and just have to try something else. You never know when you're in a room with 60 other creative ladies for a weekend. IMG_7976 IMG_7980 IMG_7984 I already had 24 from before as well, so now I have MORE then enough to dig into at SteinkjerScreppa. I really need to start doing more LO's at home too, since I mostly do cards at home. Can't wait to show of all the finished LO's I will have after my scrapbook weekend ♥

Tim Holtz Supply Spinner

I got this Tim Holtz Supply Spinner  from my boyfriend last week, and I love it! It has 6 divided rooms that has more then enough space. And I can reach everything from where I'm sitting without having it to be all over the place. Here it is all filled up. IMG_7876 IMG_7877

Tutorial on Distress Ink Storage Spinner.

I'm gonna try to explain step-by-step how I made my Distress Ink Storage Spinner, bu tkeep in mind, this is my first tutorial ever and it might suck. If you wonder about anything just ask. So here we go! I used a strong cardboard, like the one you use for making posters and signs. Got it at my local craft store, and I know some bookstores sell these too. They where 26 3/4" x 19" big, and I needed 3 of them for 40 small boxes. First I cut out the pieces for the small boxes, it's 3 7/8" x 9 1/8". Then on the short end you score at 7/8". IMG_7830 Then turn it around and score at 7/8" - 4 1/8" - 5" - 8 1/4". IMG_7831 I did all of my scoring done before I started with my scissors. After cutting them they should look like this: IMG_7835 Now you can use glue and put the box together, the sides first, then the bottom. It's really self explanatory when you have the box infront of you. Just remember to use your tool and fold the edges good first just so they get a crisp edge. Here I got 4 finished boxes. (not glued together yet)DSC_0250 To make sure they where solid enough I took a thicker piece of cardstock and glued it on like this to make sure they wouldn't bent from the weight of the distress ink pads. I used a hot glue gun for the smaller piece, but for the longer one I used a hobby glue and stacked it together with paper clamps. IMG_7746 After this is done I started putting the boxes together, didn't get any photos while I was doing it, but I pretty much just added a glue on the white cardstock pieces and put the other box on top of it. I just put 1 and 1 together at a time, so I made a lot of stacks of 2 before I added them togther and made stacks of 4. Added two stacks of 4 together to get 8, and then added the last 2 on top to make it 10 in a row. And here I have 4 stacks of 10 boxes. IMG_7757 As you can see I have some tape on the backside, this is to make it straight and pressure it a bit together in the back so they don't "fall downward" in the front. When you glue it all together and add the top and the bottom you can't see it anyway. So now you're done with the boxes and it's the decorations and the structure to make it a bit more solid. I cut out 4 long pieces in 3" x 9 3/4" and then a plate for the top that was 6 1/2" x 6 1/2". (I cut out two cause I thought I needed one for the bottom, but didn't)IMG_7760I then covered them with white cardstock, over the edge and around on the back so it's completely covered. Then for decoration on the sides I cut out 4 pieces of paper in 9 1/2" x 2 3/4" and decorated with Distress Ink, stamps and embossing powder. IMG_7766 I later glued this decorated pieces on the cardboard pieces BEFORE adding them to the stacks on 10 boxes. Then I started putting the 4 stacks together, here you gotta pay a bit attention to the opening, specially if you have an up and a down on the decorations. As you can see on the finished project I have 1 stack of boxes open to each side of the storage spinner. So make sure you set them up together and find out how you want them before starting to add glue. Then add 2 and 2 stacks together like this. (I added something heavy on top to make sure they didn't slide apart. IMG_7794 When that is dry, glue those 2 together aswell. (remeber to make sure that everything is right side up) IMG_7798 I let that dry for a few hours to make sure it wouldn't slide or loosen. To get it to spin around I used an old Lazy susan tray that I got from some friends of mine. I cut out a square around the spinner itself, and I sanded down the edges before I painted it. (make sure to not get anything close to the spinner itself since it can stop it from spinning smoothly). Also since my Lazy Susan Tray had a pattern on the top I put a piece of cardboard covered in white paper on top, then added a black piece of bazzil over there to give the base a more neutral look. DSC_0256 You can of course buy a spinner from a craft store or something and then add it to a plate of some sort as well, but since I didn't know where to get one and had one of these I didn't do that. Then I glued the boxes on top of the spinner and held it down with something heavy on the top. IMG_7803 To decorate the top plate I didn't need to fill out the entire square, so I just used 4 pieces of cardstock and glued them together to fit the edges of the top. (again don't have any photos of the assembly of this, but it's pretty much just to glue it down to the cardboard then glue the cardboard on top of the entire thing. IMG_7795 And the box on top I just decorated with gesso and distress paints, and then I stamped it before I sprayed a thing layer of clear coat on it. (it was just something I had laying around the house and the measurements fit the constructions so I used it). Then I glued the box on top. top And there you have it. A Finished Distress Ink Storage Spinner. To make it easier for myself to find the correct Ink Blending Foam for each I have added a piece of Velcro under each of the ink pads where I have put it. IMG_7805 The labels you can either make yourself, or if you go on Pinterest and look up Distress Ink Pads Label you will find so many. Here is some of the tutorials I took my inspiration from: Sari Hänninen's YouTube tutorial Jenny Potters Blogpost Tiffany Doodles

Distress Ink Pad Storage Spinner

This is the first real storage I feel I have made myself! I have decorated many boxes and similar things, but never have I made something out of just cardstock and been so happy with it! It's solid, spins perfectly, doesn't shake or wobble. And best of all, it looks sooooo pretty! I've seen this design so many times before, and I've wanted to make one but never thought I actually would be able to. So that has kinda stopped me, but this time I decided I would try atleast, and just look how well it went! 😀 To get it to spin I used a lazy Susan tray that I got from a friend and cut it out to fit perfectly to my measurements. And I have solid cardboard wrapped in paper on the sides, bottom and on the top to make it more sturdy. All the sides is colored with Distress Ink and stamped with Tim Holtz stamps, then I used a text stencil and medium that I embossed with Lindy's Stamp Gang embossing powder. The top box is a metal container that I just had laying around that I covered in Gesso and painted with Distress Paints and stamped with various of Tim Holtz Stamps. In it I have my Distress Tools and my Distress Paints (for at long as they will fit in there) Here is some more pictures during the making of my Distress Ink Pad Storage Spinner. I will share some video tutorials I used when making this later!

Rydding i Mine Favoritter

20130108-205747.jpg Da har jeg drevet med sortering av Mine Favoritter i nettleseren på data'n min, har vell holdt på et par timer nå... å nei, jeg er ikke ferdig, ikke i nærheten en gang. Dette er et slit uten like, har sikkert ikke ryddet i dem på flere år... sikkert 5-6 år minst siden jeg gikk igjennom dem. Så er MYE å slette for å si det sånn. Å fyfaan så mye dritt jeg la til på bokmerker, alle mulige blinke-glitter sider, nokia-themes, fjortiss blogger osv. Hadde til og med lagt til aviser.. å jeg er liksom SÅ interissert i å lese alle verdens nyheter.. men neida, var ikke spesielle nyhets sider eller; vg.no, adressa.no, bladet.no, dagbladet.no o.l. Hvor teit går det an å bli? Jaja, nå får jeg endelig rydda opp i det. Dette året skal bli året jeg kommer i orden med alt jeg henger etter med, hvor jeg skal gjøre ting jeg har utsatt og utsatt i det uendelige. Organiseringer og "to-do" lister ligger delvis lagra i hodet, må bare få de ned på papiret så skal ei STOR liste bli hengt opp over datan, slik at jeg ALDRI glemmer det. hehe! Men nå; tilbake til sorteringa i favorittene mine.