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For sale!

Now I have finally finished my card-stand that I made from scratch, and my cards are sold at the art-supply store I work at called MonaLiza. It's 5 different types of cards, you have normal 6x6" cards, 6x3" cards, some with different folding techniques, Kvikk-lunch cards (also fits kitkat I would believe) and a card-box that fits a 200g chocolate plate.
Just drop by and have a look. I also made to order, so if you need something special for a special occasion just send me a message.
I will post the tutorial I used on the card-stand later on, and some more detailed photos of it.  

More Stamped Images.

Just a few more stamped images I have colored with my ProMarkers lately. I need to actually start using these on the cards I make, not just color them and have them in a little box to lay there and look pretty. I think I just have a problem letting go of things I'm really happy with, and things I feel I actually did pretty good.

My Easter Creations!

When I go away for easter vacation I always gotta bring some kinds of creativity stash with me, and normaly it ends up beeing my ProMarkers and some already stamped images. That way I can color while Emily does so aswell. And sometimes she gets some images from me and playes around with. I only colored two stamps myself this easter, but that means I had to much fun with other stuff to have time for more. IMG_7995Tried to do ginger hair this time, need something else then just blond or crazy colors. Kinda pleased, but maybe they're a bit TO neon orange though. But I still really like them. And I love the lady in the dress, she's so beautiful and careless <3 In the car on the way I also needed something to do, and since I had just bought a new phone, that also meant I had a new charger cable. And of course in my world I can't have that just be plain white. So I got some neon multicolored thread and did some macrame around it. Now everyone will know that is MY cable and It won't get lost so easily. I love it. IMG_7991 Another thing that is nice about decorating my cable is that now it won't bend as easily so it won't break off either.