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Prima Watercolors!

I dropped by Panduro in Östersund the other day, and I totaly fell in love with Primas Tropical Watercolor set they just got in.
I didnt buy it... i was so annoyed with myself afterwards, but I also felt like I shouldt use that much money...259SeK.
The day after me and my boyfriend went back to Östersund yesterday and I ended up getting it. And ofcours I had to try it right away. And oh my how pretty the colors are. 💛💚💙💜❤️🖤

I also bought a watercolour PAD from Cosmo Cricket to try them out with. Beautiful 💞
I love to finaly have the watercolor pallett I actually like.
These colors are so pretty, and easy to work with. I just noticed I need some good waterbrushes that will make it easier to have the paint flowing nicely.
Here is my first test sheet. And it so cute with the resist fields in white and gold on the paper.

Chameleon Markers

From the first time I heard about Chameleon Markers I've been sceptical and really not felt like it was something for me. To much hassle, difficult to use and don't have the patience for it.
But now last week I figured I wanted to try it anyway. Just because. If I didnt like it I could just sell then again.
So ended up buying two packs of 5.

I just got them today so just had one try at them so far, but was not as hard as I thought it would be... or I was just lucky on my first try.
This is my first attempt

A bit uneven, but I do like the effect a lot.
Gonna be fun to experience more with this. Wish me luck. 💞