Distress Ink Pad Storage Spinner

This is the first real storage I feel I have made myself! I have decorated many boxes and similar things, but never have I made something out of just cardstock and been so happy with it! It's solid, spins perfectly, doesn't shake or wobble. And best of all, it looks sooooo pretty! I've seen this design so many times before, and I've wanted to make one but never thought I actually would be able to. So that has kinda stopped me, but this time I decided I would try atleast, and just look how well it went! 😀 To get it to spin I used a lazy Susan tray that I got from a friend and cut it out to fit perfectly to my measurements. And I have solid cardboard wrapped in paper on the sides, bottom and on the top to make it more sturdy. All the sides is colored with Distress Ink and stamped with Tim Holtz stamps, then I used a text stencil and medium that I embossed with Lindy's Stamp Gang embossing powder. The top box is a metal container that I just had laying around that I covered in Gesso and painted with Distress Paints and stamped with various of Tim Holtz Stamps. In it I have my Distress Tools and my Distress Paints (for at long as they will fit in there) Here is some more pictures during the making of my Distress Ink Pad Storage Spinner.
I will share some video tutorials I used when making this later!

One Response to Distress Ink Pad Storage Spinner

  1. It looks great!
    I’m glad u finished your project :)…
    I had something similar in mind, when I started out making my “shelves” :).

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